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Selective Solder Processing

Selective Solder Processing

When producing mixed technology PCBs, a selective solder process is often the best choice for assembly. This is a programmable, repeatable process that allows select locations to be soldered in very precise passes without exposing the rest of the assembly to the process or unnecessary heat. This process is often a better choice than having operators manually solder parts into assemblies, but when a manual process is the better choice, we have experienced assemblers that can do just that. We tailor our approach to every project to meet your needs.

Through Hole Selective Soldering

Our Juki Selective Soldering Cube is capable of soldering using a Leaded or Unleaded process.  The no clean solder flux is noncorrosive and applied to only the solder joint leaving a clean, rosin free assembly.  Each solder joint is 100% inspected prior to delivery.

Juki Cube

Selective soldering provides a uniform consistent solder joint removing the human element from what was a manual process. Each solder joint is sprayed with a no-clean flux leaving little to no residue.  An IR heater is applied to the bottom of the pc board prior to soldering.  This improves solder reflow and prevents cold solder joints which can lead to electrical failure.