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AOI Equipment

AOI/SPI Capabilities

Our investment in technology is key to a constant pursuit of quality. We make every attempt to ensure the highest quality during assembly process. We have SPI capability and use AOI inspection to provide state of the art results through technology.

The need for SPI/AOI

While visual inspection and an operator’s attention to detail will always have an essential place in manufacturing, automated inspection offers an additional layer of verification. When applied correctly, Automated Optical Inspection, or AOI provides an extremely reliable indicator of process problems or component defects. Assembly and inspection are areas of constant improvement at TFS. High-quality standards demand reliable inspection methods. SPI and AOI significantly help to provide quality boards to our customers. All production PCBs are inspected using AOI.

Advantages of AOI

Automated inspection equipment is a tireless and reliable worker. Even the most experienced employees cannot be as consistent, hour to hour, and day to day as properly operated automated inspection equipment. With the decreasing component size of today’s technology, the positional accuracy of the SMT process is increasingly important. Verifying positional accuracy becomes nearly impossible with only visual inspection.