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SMT Services

SMT Services

At TFS, we use the latest, integrated SMT pick and place machines in line with our automated assembly process. Components loaded on our SMT equipment are inventoried in moisture and climate-controlled storage locations. Our inventory storage system is integrated with our computerized ERP software and is barcoded to ensure the right component inventory is used in production. Our Mycronic Jet Printing and SMT placement equipment allow us to place components down to 0201 with optimal solder joints of any shape and size. Our factory equipment is maintained on a regular schedule to ensure production reliability and precision.

MYCRONIC Solder Paste Jet Printers

As boards and components become smaller, smarter, and more complex jet printing stands out as the optimal solution to provide quality repeatable solder joints. Solder paste inspection as well as pc board inspection is integral with our Mycronic Jet Print equipment. Solder deposition is adjustable and controlled with the jet printer software. This gives us the ability to optimize solder paste deposits and ensure perfect quality solder joints


Customer inventory is both computer and climate-controlled in our Mycronic Tower storage systems. From receiving to job kitting, each component reel is barcoded and automatically tracked. The high density, climate, and software-controlled storage environment provided by our tower storage integrates with our ERP system and MYCenter software. Our Tower Storage systems deliver the right component to the right job every time.