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About Us

Highly Trained Workforce

At TFS, we believe that having a highly trained workforce is the gold standard for meeting customer needs. Continuous investment in employee training is key to our core philosophy as a leader in electronics production. Our workforce consists of highly skilled employees who carry various certifications from organizations such as IPC, SAE, SMTA, etc.

A History in Electronics

TFS manufacturing services was founded on the core electronic production capabilities of Total Fire Systems. Our design and manufacturing experience in building our own products goes into every customer order. Our investments in our facility, production equipment, and employees create a well-balanced organization with uncompromised product quality.

ISO - Certified

We are quality driven. Our manufacturing operation reflects this. Clean, neat, organized, and efficient. Good is never good enough, and for that reason, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our products, processes, and quality system are compliant to EU Conformity of Production requirements.

TFS History

TFS was founded in 1990 by industry experienced individuals frustrated with big company priorities and lack of customer attention. It was our opinion in 1990 and reinforced over the years, that our business requires a collaborative effort between our customers and our company to create opportunities for new product development and innovation. We work to stay ahead of the technological curve in every area.

An Industry Leader

Our own designs and our customer’s designs have been an integral part of hundreds of companies manufacturing and production process for over 30 years. Our electronics are inside of commercial transit, mining, forestry, and military equipment. We have partnered with large industry giants such as NASA and Department of Defense ground vehicle programs.

Teamwork & Experience

Our employees are members of IPC, SAE, SMTA, IEEE, NFPA, SME to name a few professional organizations. Industry involvement is critical to engineering curiosity.

TFS-PCBA Innovation

Our team here at TFS is encouraged to think out of the box. This includes our manufacturing, purchasing, human resources, and certainly our engineering group. While we work within industry standards, we constantly ask ourselves how things could be improved.

Always Ahead of The Curve

To stay ahead of the curve,  we work to keep up with the variety of technologies the world has to offer.  We work every day to be the industry leader in the PCB Design, manufacturing, and production processes.

Our products and processes constantly evolve toward practical perfection.

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