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Burn in Testing

The Need for Burn-in Testing

Burn-in is a technique used to increase the quality of components and systems by operating the item under normal or accelerated environmental conditions prior to shipment. If a burn-in procedure is effective, the weak population in the product should be eliminated. Items that are delivered to the consumer are superior to those that would have been delivered without burn-in. The commonly used criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of burn-in testing are: maximum mean residual life, maximum probability of mission success after burn-in, etc. Here at TFS we like to ensure that every product that leaves our door is thoroughly tested before reaching its next destination.

Advantages of Burn-In Testing

  • Delivered product has higher reliability. Fewer customer returns.
  • Ability to estimate the product’s useful life period.

Quality for Our Customers

We take pride in thoroughly testing everything to its limits before it leaves our door.  Our burn-in testing allows us to find the weak parts of each device that are expected to fail during the burn-in period, and then we replace these parts. This in turn helps in proactive prevention of device failures and other latent failures so that our customers have a smooth experience with our products.